The Alabama Forestry Commission Celebrates a Hundred Years

Published on 26 April 2024 at 23:05

GOOD NEWS : Last week, the Alabama Forestry Commission celebrated 100 years.

“Alabama has almost 23 million acres of forested land. Put into perspective that is more than the combined land area of Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. The American Forest and Paper Association reported that Alabama’s total value of manufactured forest products exceeds $12.5 billion annually. Over 110 manufacturing facilities including sawmills, paper mills, and other production sites exist throughout our state. The Alabama Forestry Commission protects our state’s dominant industry by maintaining a vital habitat for native plants and wildlife, responding to emergencies, and educating the public, which helps create an environment where landowners and businesses can generate income from forest and paper products.”

Dr. Nicole Jones Wadsworth #Our67

More here in the Alabama Gazette:

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