State of Alabama Purchases Foley Express Toll Bridge

Published on 19 April 2024 at 12:56

GOOD NEWS : State of Alabama to purchase Foley Beach Express Toll Bridge, Trips will be Free starting in May

The State of Alabama’s decision to take over the toll bridge and make it toll-free will have several benefits for Alabama residents and visitors including increased economic activity, improved traffic flow, and overall public image. Eliminating the toll reduces the financial burden on folks who commute to work as well as travelers who use the bridge regularly. Removing the toll barrier can lead to smoother traffic flow as vehicles no longer have to slow down or stop at toll booths, thus reducing congestion and travel times. Furthermore, the toll-free bridge will make the Gulf Coast more accessible to residents from rural areas in south Alabama, thus linking communities and improving regional connectivity.

Dr. Nicole Jones Wadsworth

More here in The Alabama Gazette:

Photo credit: OBA

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